Guest editor, Mary Cresswell

I’ve speculated many times on what makes a ghazal. At the moment, I think that at the heart of a ghazal is its unwillingness to make flat statements of fact, its way of gradually circling the inexpressible as the poem comes closer and closer to its own truth. This seems true of both the traditional and more modern forms. My own path to ghazals began after a career working with research science journal articles, a world where ambiguity is a dirty word and there’s only one kind of truth. It’s fascinating, and something of a relief, to find a world where dervishes and differential equations both fit in. Reading other people’s work has been an essential part of my path. I’m grateful to Gene Doty for inviting me to help out, and I’m grateful to all of you whose work I have looked at, puzzled over, and (always) enjoyed.