Suzanne Niedzielska

Scratch and zilch, nil, naught, and none, each a perfect fit for zero;
But matters of substance, weight, and property split at zero. 

What persistence! Divided by finites, we always hit zero;
in dividing them lies the undefined or infinite zero. 

Kelvin is so cold, Centigrade freezes, and Fahrenheit zero
makes a hard winter from the Egyptian plumb that sits on zero. 

Goodwill is light in the Indian void when savings sit at zero;
Even more, when nothing is owed, and the balance on chits is zero. 

What is that type of game with winners and losers? To wit, a zero-
sum game, where ciphers, like Fibonacci’s west wind, inherit zero. 

Tennis love, a cricket duck, and a goose egg issue tickets for zero;
all from the Persian invention of a stub that gives and forfeits zero. 

What tolerance for erratic compliance and a loose rabbet? Zero.
Such computing potential in a register’s unflipped bit or zero! 

So from not much, we have everything we have. Nothing really quits at zero, 
not even for a Sunday snooze better to intuit the grit of zero.


SUZANNE NIEDZIELSKA lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Professionally, she is a freelance IT management consultant, capping a 30-year career in public and private sector information technology. Suzanne self-published a chapbook, Black Tie & Tales, in 2007, now out-of-print. Since 2010 several poems have been published in the Connecticut River Review, including Connecticut Poetry Society 2013 third prize for “Recorder Lesson on the Rocks," The Ghazal Page, and New England Letters (of the Haiku Poetry Society of Western Massachusetts).