David Jalajel

Her stumble’s nebulous, so they start to question
the image her body projects. Superstitious actors
from the guild will toil and trouble on opening night. 

So do a little digging. She’s iridescent, irresistible,
and you’ll uncover all the covetous estates when
the paparazzi begin to grumble on opening night. 

They curse her – conjuring up a cocoon of lust. So
her evolution becomes a supernatural notion: one
that promises to bare her stubble on opening night. 

Engage her surroundings. It’ll all be press-worthy (yet
elusive) after the franchise bursts its bubble – and then
the tinsel islands will start to tumble on opening night. 

Shaped by sports machines: a young star who’d struggled
with her lyrics - Now she’s red-hot, a comet on the Hill,
and she’s ripe to show she’s supple on opening night.