Ed Higgins

Sitting beside a beautiful woman in church this morning
everything seems to lose one’s way this Sunday morning 

or finding it. Even the thought now that somehow
real devotion belongs to her on this worship morning. 

Furtive impressions of shoulder-length hair cascading 
over smooth, freckle-sweet flesh onto her white morning 

polka-dot dress. Cautious shadows of female form beneath 
the cool, cotton, summer fabric, light as the sun-risen morning. 

What part of my desire swims in her blood rushing through 
sea-green veins on prayer-folded hands waiting the morning’s 

sermon? Like far off thunder she disturbs the very stilled air, 
threads distraction into my now kindled worship-filled morning 

devotion. A momentary snake disturbing the Edenic garden’s lost 
tranquil edge. She’s now my wholly attended worship filled morning. 

There is much more I, as poet, wish to tell you: For now, she remains
still, an act of holy attention in disquieting but holy sunlit morning.


ED HIGGINS says, “My poems and short fiction have appeared in various print and online journals including: Monkeybicycle, Pindeldyboz, The Greensilk Journal, Tattoo Highway, Word Riot, Concho River Review, Foliate Oak, Ayris: Art & Literary Magazine, and Blue Print Review, among others. My wife and I live on a small farm in Yamhill, OR, raising a menagerie of animals including two whippets, a manx barn cat (who doesn’t care for the whippets), two Bourbon Red turkeys (King Strut and Nefra-Turkey), and an alpaca named Machu-Picchu. I teach writing and literature at George Fox University, south of Portland, OR, where I am also Writer-in-Residence."