Khadeeja Mushtaq

My heart whispers to me a name.
I struggle to hide it, written in blood, this name. 

Like angel’s wings, the moon light is stretched
Across the sharp jewels in the sky that write a name.    

O travelers of Sinai and Arabian deserts, what is life?
Your message is cast in an eternal echo-it’s all in a name. 

At the beloved’s doorstep, the faithful wait forever. 
The legendary Qais offered his life in exchange for a name. 

The silent strings play to a soundless beat.
In the internal stillness of space, the only echo is a name. 

Faces — old and young — uplifted in the light.
Their fading glory is blight upon a name. 

From one rose to another petals the butterfly.
How foolish are we that linger on a name.