Suzanne Herschell

If you want my attention speak to me
search my eyes first then speak to me 

let your words find the shells of these ears
your whispered endearments seek me 

hammer the walls of my silences always
so inexorably your resonances seep into me 

brush my skin with your fleeting touch
the sound of tears will weep from me 

hold my waveless spirit in your embrace
and write your poetry deep within me


SUZANNE HERSCHELL is well known as a painter, with numerous exhibitions and awards in New Zealand and internationally. She says, “I have taken to submitting poems to various forums partly to reach an audience greater than family and to feel the joy of acceptance of work created in such solo circumstances that then gets a public airing, rather like painting.” She occasionally includes her poems in paintings and has poems recently published in the collection Eastbourne: An Anthology.